Solarban 60 Low-E Glass:

Cutting-Edge Glass Technology For Better Living

The glass contained in any of Alside's exclusive ClimaTech® Insulated Glass Packages is a Low-E glass, and a technological breakthrough that means your Alside windows deliver unsurpassed performance and beauty. Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass is an excellent way to increase your home's comfort and energy savings year-round.

All Alside window products with any of the optional ClimaTech Insulated Glass Packages feature Solarban® 60 Low-E glass from PPG Industries™ -- a world leader in advanced glass technologies.

How it works
Solarban 60 is created by applying multiple layers of microscopic, undetectable metallic coatings to the surface of a piece of flat, annealed glass. The metallic coating helps block out the solar energy in the summer, while accepting and retaining warm, short-wave solar rays in the winter.

In the summer, Low-E glass filters long-wave solar radiation - reducing solar heat gain in your home as a result of the sun's direct rays. In the winter, Low-E glass takes on two responsibilities: first it lets warm, short-wave rays into the home for natural warmth; then the Low-E glass helps block the warm air inside, rather than allowing it to escape through the pane, so your heating system runs less to maintain a comfortable temperature.

ClimaTech and ClimaTech Plus, with Solarban 60 and an argon-filled glass unit, provide a 49% reduction in solar heat gain compared with a standard clear-glass window unit. Plus, ClimaTech and Solarban 60 glass units reduce harmful UV rays by as much as 72% compared to a clear-glass unit. This helps reduce fading in your furniture upholstery, carpeting and even curtains and drapes.

Why Low-E glass is right for you
As part of any of Alside's ClimaTech Insulated Glass Packages, Solarban 60 provides the following benefits:
* You save on energy costs for both heating and cooling, as Low-E glass helps air conditioning and furnace units to run more efficiently.
* Fading is reduced in interior furnishings such as carpets, drapes and furniture.
* You will have purchased an ENERGY STAR®-qualified product, doing your part to help conserve energy and the environment.


 SST Warm Edge Technology

Traditional Metal Spacer 

 SST's patented structural foam design blocks the path of escaping heat far more efficiently than any other type of spacer.  The result: costly conduction of cold air to warm glass and condensation are dramatically reduced.  The metal spacer holding the glass panes together causes damaging condensation and loss of insulation performance in a window.



Intercept spacers flex instead of the sealant during temperature changes.  So they resist spacer movement and sealant failure.


With conventional aluminum spacers, the sealant flexes, which can lead to sealant failur and loss of insulation ability.